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With CASHCARD, you can withdraw from your deposit account, you can shop and you can easily perform banking transactions.

Using the TURKISHBANK CASHMATIK’s all over the country, you can perform the following transactions;

• Quick withdrawal,
• Cash withdrawal,
• Check account balance,
• Take account statement,
• Change password,
• Bank transfer between accounts,
• Wire transfer between accounts,
• Credit Card debt payment,

without having to wait at the queue.

TurkishBank Cashmatik ATMs are at your service 7/24, as the largest ATM network in the TRNC!


• With CASHCARD, you can withdraw cash using any ATM, domestic or abroad, that has the Maestro logo, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

• With CASHCARD, you can check your account balance and withdraw cash using any SHARED ATM platform ATMs in Turkey and the TRNC.

• You can use your CashCard for shopping domestically or abroad, thus do not have to carry cash with you,

3D SECURE feature allows more secure and easier shopping at the Internet.

• Up to 4 TL accounts and 1 USD account can be associated with your Card.

• If you wish, you can have “supplementary cards” associated with your account, provided to your spouse, children or other people you choose.