Member Company Service

Türk Bankası is at your service to provide you privileged Member Company Services and to realize card payment services at your company in the fastest and most effective way!

Privileges and benefits offered to the Türk Bankası Member companies are as follows;

• Accessibility through wide branch network and experienced staff,
• Uninterrupted customer service, as well as professional support through 0533 849 01 18 POS Support and (392) 444 73 73 Customer Care Hotlines,
• Easy follow-up of transactions through Internet Banking,
• Comprehensive product range specific to sectors and companies.

Benefits of being a Member Company
• Bank guarantee on payments,
• Sales volume increase,
• Elimination of credit risk and operational costs in sales on credit,
• Customer satisfaction in sales,
• Low commission benefits.

Dial Up POS
It is a desktop POS device that operates with mains power and connected to a land telephone line.

It is a rechargeable battery powered mobile POS device that operates by connecting to the mobile data network in areas with GPRS coverage.

E-Collector is a web-based card payment management system.

Authorized users in the company can manage mail order card payment transactions using the E-Collector System.

System Features
Card payments can be entered into the system prospectively based on their due dates.
Payments due are collected automatically by the system as a lump sum or in installments.
The system also allows for retrospective querying and reporting of payments made through the system.

To utilize the Türk Bankası Member Company services, please visit a nearby Türk Bankası Branch or call (0392) 444 73 73, our Customer Support Hotline.

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