Private Banking

Our Private Banking Department aims to meet your financial needs backed up by our banking experience of over 115 years, the know-how of our professional, specialized and trustworthy managers, and our special and quality services tailored to your needs.

Our Private Banking philosophy is based on mutual trust with the customer, and customer privacy is prioritized to the greatest extent.
As Türk Bankasi domestically, and with the resources of our Group Banks in Turkey and the UK, we can provide our customers any information and support they can benefit from.

Our private Banking Principles

• Long-term customer relations based on customer privacy, that prioritizes mutual trust,
• Banking services that would facilitate your life, where you can utilize state-of-the-art technology and know-how,
• Provide services that go beyond your expectations, with a portfolio of products/services that would replace your conventional banking approach with a privileged service philosophy,
• Provide specialized services by developing the most convenient solutions by monitoring the capital and money markets with our Bank’s expertise and experience and share such information with you,
• Ensure that you approach your future and your dreams with the most suitable solutions and meet your expectations using the synergy, experience and know-how created with our Group banks in the TRNC, Turkey and the UK,
• Prioritize your services related to our Group Banks,
• Offer a solution-oriented approach by understanding your needs and long-term investment goals,
• Evaluate your investments together and offer the products that suit you the most.

Our Private Banking Values

• Transparency
• State-of-the-art Technology
• Expertise
• Openness to Development, Innovation
• Productivity

Custom Solutions
For detailed information on our custom solutions and to discuss on what we can offer for you, please contact us.
To summarize our special offers;

• Personalized solutions to utilize your savings in the best manner,
• Personal safe deposit box service for your valuable goods and papers.

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