Prepaid Cards


Debit and Spend! No Payment Due Dates! No Debt! No Interest!

Get your card immediately, without opening a bank account, submitting income certificates and waiting for assessment results!

Offered to our customers in three distinct visual styles as Express Card, Card Extra and Nakito.

The only card that can be issued in TL, USD, EURO or GBP, based on your preference.

With your Prepaid Card, you can shop anywhere in the world and withdraw cash from any ATM with the MasterCard logo.

You can transfer money to the cards of your relatives living abroad, with very reasonable fees.
You can even shop in the Internet at e-commerce sites.

The Only Card that you can issue as many as you wish and give to your dear ones.

For more detailed information on Türk Bankası Prepaid Cards, please visit our Web site at

For more information on the Türk Bankası Prepaid Card, please visit any Türk Bankası Branch or call (0392) 444 73 73, our Customer Care Hotline.

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