Business Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards are at your service for cost efficient money transfer to your employees traveling abroad.

Moreover, you can give Prepaid Cards to your Business Partners or employees as Gift Cards.

Get your Prepaid Card immediately, without opening a bank account, submitting income certificates and waiting for assessment results!

You can associate as many supplementary cards as you wish with your Main Prepaid Company Card. Thus, your employees in other cities or countries can also benefit from the convenience and services offered by your card.

You can transfer money to the cards of your employees in other cities or countries. The transfer takes place immediately.
For more detailed information on Türk Bankası Prepaid Cards, please visit our Web site at

For more information on the Türk Bankası Prepaid Card, please visit any Türk Bankası Branch or call (0392) 444 73 73, our Customer Care Hotline.

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