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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS2019-12-05T10:24:29+02:00
When can Ifind the working hours of Turkish Bank branches?2017-04-04T15:51:23+02:00

Click here to find Turkish Bank working hours.

How Can I Apply for a Vehicle Loan?2017-03-01T20:54:02+02:00

You can apply for a vehicle loan at any branch near you.

Which Needs Can I Utilize Consumer Loans?2017-03-01T20:53:10+02:00

You can utilize Consumer Loans for any needs such as wedding expenditures, electronic devices, furniture, vacation, white goods, education or health expenditures.

How Can I Find the Addresses of Turk Bankası Branches and ATMs?2017-03-13T14:02:15+02:00

Please click here to find the Addresses of TurkishBank Branches and ATMs.

Can I Get a Commercial Loan from Turk Bankası ?2017-03-01T20:51:26+02:00

You can apply for an individual loan by submitting your income certificate for the most recent month, as well as your ID and certificate of residence.

What is Personal Security Message?2019-12-05T10:36:50+02:00

Personal Security Message is an additional protection system to enable you to determine whether or not an Internet shopping site is safe. During your shopping activities supported by the MasterCard SecureCode application, your personal security message will be displayed in the screen opened for you to enter your 3D Secure password. Thus, you can confirm that you are on the right page.

I Forgot / Blocked My 3D Secure Password, What Can I Do?2017-03-01T20:50:02+02:00

If you forget your password, you can define a new password by completing the security steps. If you block your password, you can unblock your password by calling our Customer Support Hotline at (392) 444 73 73.

How Can I Apply for a CashCard?2017-03-01T20:49:10+02:00

You can apply to any Turk Bankası Branch near you.

Can I Have Supplementary CashCards?2017-03-01T20:48:27+02:00

You can have as many supplementary cards as you wish, and have any of your accounts associated with such cards.

What are the Features of CashCard?2017-03-01T20:47:38+02:00

With your CashCard, you can check your account balance and withdraw cash using any shared ATM in Turkey and the TRNC; and withdraw cash abroad, using any ATM that has the Maestro logo 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
You can use your CashCard for shopping domestically or abroad, thus do not have to carry cash with you,
3D SECURE feature allows more secure and easier shopping at the Internet. Up to 4 TL accounts and 1 USD account can be associated with your CARD, and you can use such accounts for shopping and withdrawal,
If you wish, you can have “”supplementary cards”” associated with your account, provided to your spouse, children or other people you choose.

What Type of a Card is CashCard?2017-03-01T20:47:02+02:00

CashCard is a debit card. With your card, you can withdraw your account balance in cash from any ATM with the Maestro logo, domestic or abroad, or use such amount in shopping. Moreover, its 3D feature enables you to securely shop at Internet sites.

What Is Prepaid Card? How Can I Apply?2017-03-01T20:46:06+02:00

Prepaid Card is a card that is not associated with any bank account, does not bear the cardholder’s name on it (name can be inscribed upon request), and can be used to the extent of the balance loaded into the card. It can be issued in magnetic-band or EMV Chip versions.
With our prepaid cards Nakito, Express and Card Extra, you can shop anywhere in the world and in Internet at e-commerce sites, and you can withdraw cash from any ATM with the Maestro logo. All you need to have a prepaid card is to apply to any Turk Bankası with your ID.

How Can I Update My Address Information?2017-03-01T20:45:12+02:00

You can update your address information via our Customer Support Hotline at (0392) 444 73 73 or at a Turk Bankası Branch near you.

What is Turkish Para? How Can I Use It?2017-03-01T20:44:17+02:00

Your domestic shopping with your credit card or your supplementary card at TurkhBank member stores will earn you Turkish Para Points of 1%, whereas any shopping or cash withdrawal abroad will earn you Turish Para Points of 0.5%. 1 Turkish Para is equal to 1 TL. You can use your accumulated Turkish Para points to shop at member stores or to pay your credit card debt. Company card users are not qualified to use Turkish Para points.

What Should I Do if I Lose My Card?2017-03-01T20:43:23+02:00

You can call our Customer Support Hotline at (0392) 444 73 73, requesting that your card is canceled. Your new card will be sent to your address via our Bank’s courier.

How Can I Increase My Credit Card Limit?2017-03-01T20:41:57+02:00

You can fill out the Limit Increase Form that can be obtain from any Turk Bankası Branch, and apply with your payroll. Your application will be assessed.

I Forgot My Card PIN, What Can I Do?2017-03-01T20:41:09+02:00

If you forget the PIN code of your CashCard, credit Card or Prepaid Card, you can redefine your password immediately through the TurkishBank Branches, or you can call our Customer Care Hotline at (0392) 444 73 73, requesting that your new PIN is sent to your cell phone via SMS.

How Much of My Limit Can I Use When I pay the Minimum Payment Due?2017-03-01T20:40:25+02:00

Your available credit limit decreased by your expenditure amounts and increased by your payment amounts. Thus, when you pay the minimum payment due, your limit is increased by such minimum payment amount.

What is the Minimum Payment Due?2017-03-01T20:39:42+02:00

The amount that should be paid at the end of each period until the payment due date, that is indicated in your statement as the Minimum Payment Due.

What is the Available Credit Limit of My Turk Bankası Credit Card?2017-03-01T20:39:10+02:00

It is the total limit amount deducted by any expenditures recorded by the Turk Bankası Credit Card Center as of the Statement Date, the sum of all installments of your installment shopping, debt carried over from previous periods, interest and the related taxes, funds and etc.

What is Cash Advance?2017-03-01T20:38:27+02:00

Cash advance is a cash withdrawal transaction using your Turk Bankası credit card, through our CashMatik ATMs or any ATM of other banks. With TurkishBank credit card, you can meet your cash needs within your available credit limit.

How Can I Pay My Credit Card Debt?2017-03-01T20:37:54+02:00

You can make payments through our Branches, Internet Banking or CashMatik ATMs.

How Can I Apply for a Credit Card?2017-03-01T20:37:06+02:00

You can apply to the nearest Türk Bankasi Branch with a copy of your ID, your most recent payroll (if employed) or your self-employment payroll. If your application is approved, your credit card will be sent to your address by courier.

What Services Can I Receive from Turk Bankası?2017-03-01T20:36:25+02:00

Turk Bankası provides deposit, loan, any type of card and investment services in the Individual, Corporate, Commercial and Private Banking areas.

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