Human Resources

Human resource is our Bank’s most significant asset. Thus, the Human Resources Department has a strategic role within the Bank.

It has a modern and innovative structure, that take part in the Bank’s strategic decision-taking process.

With its philosophy based on quality, and with the belief that quality human resource is the most significant factor that create success, the Bank continues its investments towards enhancing its employees’ skills and competencies.

The Bank places great importance on employee selection and training, always aiming to achieve the best in customer relations.

Our human resources policy prioritizes our candidates’ motivation and career plans, rather than where they are educated.

As Turk Bankası Human Resources, we;

• Believe in our employees’ potential,
• Enable employees to build their own career plans,
• Ensure career development for our employees,
• Support our employees’ success,
• Provides a working environment where the employees can develop and use their skills.


Turk Bankası the largest private bank of Northern Cyprus, is a reputable and long-established institution operating for more than 110 years without compromising its quality and trustworthiness, with its sound capital structure, consistent and effective management, compliance in laws and regulations, the value it places on its customers and its quality service approach.

We believe that you will feel the privilege of being a member of the Turk Bankası family with the know-how and experience you will gain, as well as the value and rights you will have.

Our goal as Turk Bankası;

To create a hard-working, innovative, initiative-taking and quality supporting working environment for our employees, that would, without any discrimination, provide the professional facilities and communication to enable them to use and develop their skills and competencies.


Each employee is the leader of his/her own job.

Turk Bankası is aware that sustainable leadership in the sector requires continuous development and training.

The Turk Bankası training system, as a result of the value placed on human resource, has strategic importance in line with the human resources policies. The system aims to support employees’ development, as well as to create motivation and job satisfaction.

Training programs are arranged in order to ensure adaptation of our new colleagues to the Bank, to reinforce our corporate culture and to provide training on fundamental banking. On the other hand, on- and off-the-job training activities are continuously provided to our experienced employees.


As the leading, modern and innovative banking institution of the TRNC, we place emphasis on team members who believe in team work and open communication, are open for development, well-trained, modern, innovative and honest.

It is a privilege to join the specialized, hard-working, dynamic, innovative, initiative-taking, compliant, honest, solution-oriented, smiling Turk Bankası family.

We invite you to share this privilege with us!

Candidates seeking career opportunities in Turk Bankası will have the chance to promote in the positions they have been employed, depending on their development and performance.

Such positions are as follows:

• Audit (Auditor – Deputy Auditor)
• Headquarters Units
• MT (Management Trainee)
• Branches


The wage of a person newly employed by Turk Bankası is determined based on his/her qualifications.

For instance:

• University (department of graduation)
• Foreign language
• Graduate degree

Benefits provided to Turk Bankası employees:

• Health Support; contributed to the health-related expenditures of Health Fund member employees.
• Educational Contribution; contributes to the educational expenditures of employees who are receiving undergraduate and graduate education in AÖF (Distance Learning Faculty) in banking-related areas.
• Rewards Success,
• Holiday and new year aids,
• Marriage support,
• Tellership allowance for employees working in the teller’s desks.


Performance assessment system enables the determination of the efficiency of the human resources, and ensures employee development through continuous development plans.

Performance assessments are conducted semiannually, in March and August.

The goal-based performance assessment system sets measurable, specific and achievable targets between employees and their managers.

Employees are provided every support to enable them achieve their targets.

At the end of each respective period, the achieved targets are assessed, the performance levels of the employees are determined, and the employees are supported to achieve their career plans.

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