Direct Debiting System 

Collections are easier than ever!

Direct Debiting System is a system with collection guarantee, where payment of the receivables of Corporate or Commercial Companies from their dealers or distributors are electronically followed up by the Bank. Within the system, such dealers and/or distributers open accounts by Türk Bankasi and a credit limit is allocated to such accounts. Thus, due and complete payment by dealers and distributors is ensured.

Invoice amounts entered into the system by our customers are automatically collected from the dealers’ and/or distributors’ accounts on the respective due dates.

Features and Benefits of the DDS:

• Transactions are performed through the invoicing relations established between the main company and the dealer.
• The main company collects its receivables from its dealers/distributors or customers through credit and/or non-credit DDS, based on the invoices.
• Main company collection risk is eliminated up to the extent of the credit limit allocated to the dealer.
• Systematic management of all collections provide convenience to both the dealer and the main company.
• Collections are fast and practical.

Benefits of the DDS to Main Companies:

• Ability to record information regarding multiple collections into the system with a single transfer transaction provides saving on time and operational labor costs.
• Dealer guarantee follow-up costs are reduced.
• Credit DDS minimizes dealer collection risks.
• Dealer financing costs are reduced.
• Expenses related to the letters of guarantee received from dealers and check/bond collection, as well as maturity losses are eliminated.
• Effective cash flow planning is ensured.
• As the overdraft accounts of the dealers within the system can be monitored by main companies, financial structure of the dealers can be monitored.
• Automatic accounting records reduce operational workload.
• Facilitates follow-up through the Collection and Limit/Risk reports.

Benefits of the DDS to Dealers:

• Payment on credit provide ease of payment, and short-term cash needs are easily met.
• Letter of guarantee and check/bond follow-up is reduced.
• Operational workload and costs are minimized.
• Carrying risk, expenses and waste of time associated with cash and check payments are eliminated.
• As no wire transfer, EFT or letter of guarantee for goods purchase is needed, expenses and commissions related to payments are eliminated.

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