Vehicle Insurances

Motor Insurance
A service from Türk Sigorta, that secures your vehicle.

Protect your vehicle against fire, crashes, theft and many other risks.

• Traffic Insurance – Obligatory Financial Liability
Get your Obligatory Traffic Insurance from Türk Bankasi, be better off!

Be prepared for unexpected situations with an Obligatory Traffic Insurance from Türk Bankasi. Cover any losses that might be incurred by third parties.

We provide coverage, up to the obligatory insurance limit, for the legal liabilities arising from the death or injury of third persons or damages to property due to the operation of the motor vehicle subject to the policy.

• Partial Motor Insurance
Get your Partial Motor Insurance from Türk Bankasi, secure any damages that may be incurred by third persons, as well as receive partial coverage for damages to your vehicle. Drive in the traffic with no worries.

For detailed information, please visit a Türk Bankası Branch near you or call (392) 444 73 73, our Customer Care Hotline.

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