Life & Health Insurances

Personal Accident Insurance
Türk Sigorta Personal Accident Insurance assures you and your beloved ones…
Life is full of surprises. Sometimes unpleasant surprises…

Be prepared for the unexpected surprises of life. Türk Sigorta Personal Accident Insurance assures you against unpleasant surprises.

Personal Accident Insurance assures the insured against death or injury that may occur due to accidents.

Loan Life Insurance
Saves loan customers from leaving an unpleasant estate to their relatives.

Travel Health Insurance
Rest assured in vacation.
Do not worry about your luggage or valuable documents being lost, flight being postponed, or having hard times.

Credit Card Life Insurance
Our credit card customers may shop comfortably, while we assure their lives.

Lethal Diseases
Get assurance against diseases and have some money aside to utilize as you wish.

For detailed information, please visit a Türk Bankası Branch or call (392) 444 73 73, our Customer Care Hotline.

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